Jiangsu Pride Technology Development Co.,Ltd is located at No.58, Yanchang Road, Yanqiao Supporting Area, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, China.The company has about 60000 square meters workshops and 200 employees. The company has fixed assets of 250 million yuan. It has own Die-casting workshops, machining workshops and assembly workshops. The annual output is about 500 pcs DTY Machines which are valued about 1 billion RMB. The company has two decades history of producing the high speed draw texturing machine from 1995. Nowadays the greatest advantages of the DTY machine are stable running and energy saving. It can save the power 18% more than the other machines, which has been tested and certificated by China Machinery Industry Union. The aim of the company is to build its "HORNOR" brand by the excellent machine quality and good service worldwide.

  • 60000Company area

  • RMB 250 millionOwn fixed assets

  • 500 setsAnnual output

  • RMB 1000 millionAnnual output value